Create a search tool in under 5 minutes using Azure Search

Pretty much every website and mobile app we use nowadays has the same feature: search. It’s so common that users simply take it for granted that it should exist. At work, we are busy building the new version of our platform, and, of course, we should support search. But it can be quite tricky to implement a good search tool, not only capable of actually finding stuff, but also scaling to serve potentially millions of users. I mean, look at Google, they literally conquered the internet after building a (great) search, and it was not easy.

During today’s planning meeting, our Product team asked us to estimate the cost of building this feature, and much to their sorrow, we told them that it could be quite tricky. But we left with the promise that we would sleep on the problem and think about alternatives.

Thing is, we didn’t even have to sleep. We are hosting our platform in Microsoft Azure, and one of the reasons we chose them is because they have many cool services we can play with. After doing a little bit of reading, writing no code whatsoever and devoting literally 5 minutes to setup, boom, our search tool was implemented. The secret? Azure Search. Continue Lendo “Create a search tool in under 5 minutes using Azure Search”